supply chain planning

Our founder Sudesh Kumar is a well known name in Oracle VCP domain and has worked on some of the biggest implementations of Oracle ASCP with heavy custom development. He leads a team of functional consultants at Boolean Tree which can build solutions for any complex requirement related to supply chain planning for discrete manufacturing or distribution domains. Our commitment is to deliver to customer requirements even if it means a complete custom solution built from scratch.

demand forecasting

Accurate demand forecasting is as much an art as it is science. Having worked with diverse portfolio of clients ranging from manufacturers, distributors to service providers our team of consultants are capable enough to work with users and fine tune the whole process to give an optimum result.  Our recommended module for forecasting is Demantra demand management and we follow a template based approach to quickly roll out the standard functionality and incrementally build any customizations on top of that.    

order promising

Order promising is most critical for customer retention and yet there is no good solution available out of box. Our founder Sudesh has built one of the most complex custom solutions for order promising and is currently working on a product which will work with any source system to give availability information in real time. He with his team can build a scalable solution for any complex and performance intensive requirements. We use most modern integration tools like Apache Kafka for getting the data from client source systems.  


Demand driven MRP is not just a new buzzword, it’s a new paradigm in supply chain planning with tangible benefits for large manufacturers and distributors who rely heavily on demand forecast for their supply planning and carry huge inventories due to variation in demands and supplies. Bad news is that Oracle EBD does not have a module which can be directly used to implement the DDMRP for your enterprise. Good news is that this gives the opportunity to implement this as per your needs. We have developed method to to help you decide if this is for your organization before you start investing into this.      

drop a mail

If you have any requirements related to our core areas mentioned above, drop a mail directly to Sudesh with your detailed requirements. We will get in touch with you to understand how we can partner together to build a world class solution for your users.