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Today’s customers have access to about every product and company at their fingertips due to a connected digital world. Additionally the internet creates new trends everyday causing consumer preferences to change at a higher rate than before. This has created a challenge for companies and they must innovate not only in terms of their products but also how they deliver these products to their consumers quickly and efficiently. They also have to be flexible enough to respond and adapt to market trends quickly. Answer to these challenge is to have a supply chain which is a hybrid of lean and agile both.  

But it is easier said than done to build such a supply chain and most companies find it very hard to balance efficiency of a lean supply chain with flexibility of an agile supply chain. This is where our founder Sudesh Kumar formed Boolean Tree consulting to help the clients achieve this perfect balance. 

Boolean Tree is a consulting service that designs processes and systems to enhance the competitive advantage of the clients rather than force them to change their process to fit the cookie-cutter mold of the big ERP systems. Our focus is customer processes and their competitive edge rather than just ERP implementation. 

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Sudesh kumar


With a passion to solve complex problems, a natural eye towards details and drive to succeed, founder Sudesh Kumar had over 15 years’ experience in the ERP consulting before forming Boolean Tree Consulting. He had discovered over the years that the typical ERP implementation process of “requirement gathering”, “business process re-engineering”, “configure”, “deploy”, was not really helping the clients stay ahead of the competition. In fact many a times clients were asked by implementation partners to change or drop those unique practices which had helped them gain competitive advantage in the first place, just because the standard ERP modules did not meet those requirements. With a vision to help clients implement ERP systems without having to compromise on their unique good practices, he formed Boolean Tree Consulting in 2013. Since then our motto has been the same, to help our clients implement ERP systems without them having to give up any of their strong practices or processes.


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“It takes lot of study and hard work to deliver the best solution”

The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On


Success to any project is the team work and we know it very well at Boolean Tree. We have a good mix of consultants with domain knowledge as well as functional consultants with ERP experience who work together with you to define and refine processes so that same can be implemented with minimum customizations needed in the ERP system.

And we have a team of developers and testers well versed in both ERP and DevOps processes so that we are able to deliver incremental changes needed at a very fast pace. But most important part of any IT project is the users and we make sure they are fully integrated into all stages of implementation so that there are fully onboard with the new systems and processes even before it is live.